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MattiasWindemos and Raymond Strid's cooperation began in 2005 when they lived close to each other and met by a common acquaintance.
They soon started jamming, first as a trio with pianist Mattias Risberg.

At that time Windemo played the electric guitar and the music had more of a character of free jazz. After a while, a duo with Windemo and Strid was crystallized, focusing more on free impro and a completely acoustic instrumentation.

The duo has since then been jamming regularly and at the same time having creative conversations about music together.
The overall themes in their discussions have been, interpretations, the power in between the notes, the importance of form in music etc.

In the beginning of 2017, the idea to make a record appeared to them.
The duo had since the start been recording their jamsessions at Raymonds home.
Now it was decided that the album would be recorded in Mattias Windemos studio at Mattön in Gysinge.


Mattön Sessions consists of four recording sessions that took place in 2017-2018.
When the editing was finished the duo realized that they had material for two albums.
One album consisting of the first three sessions and a second album from Session No.4.
The duo decided to first release the last session No.4 and release the first three sessions eventually.

While Windemo has more of his roots in jazz and contemporary music
Strid has his background in free improvised music. This has been enriching for the duo and has contributed to give the duo its distinctive character and sound. Both mw and rs are known as two of the most established Swedish musicians in their respective genres.

Raymond has played with musicians like Barry Guy, Evan Parker, Paul Lytton, Mats Gustafsson. He also participates in groups as Gush and The Electrics and many more.
Mattias has played with musicians like Karin Krogh, Joakim Milder, Mats Öberg, Lindha Kallerdal, Rigmor Gustavsson, and also participates in groups like Flux (Windemo, Landin, Fält) and WE (Windemo, Axelsson, Lindal) etc.




Solo conserts

Mattias Windemo guitars


 we at glenn miller cafe


Mattias Windemo git
Jonny Axelsson perc
Eva Lindal violin




Mattias Windemo git
Jon Fält drums
Pär Ola Landin contrabass




Mattias Windemo guitar
Frida Augustsson vocal




En mötesplats för de fria konsterna

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Mattias Windemo . guitar
Raymond Strid drums

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Latest news

Fluxkurs i Bollnäs!!!

Written: 1/25/2019

Windemo, Fält o Landin håller i den legendariska fluxkursen i Bollnäs 18-20 Juni.

Video from the new soloalbum Spheres

Written: 12/27/2018

Liverecording from the album Spheres!

upcoming albums 2018

Written: 9/1/2018

3 album releases in the autumn!

"reenactment" new soloalbum

Written: 9/1/2018

The first of two soloalbum in 2018 is released!

Färjås festival of art&spirituality

Written: 8/10/2017

Windemo is participating in Färjås festival of art&spirituality


Written: 4/27/2017

The trio Flux has just released their new album KULT!

Flux kurs på Bollnäs fhsk

Written: 3/28/2016

Trio kurs med Flux

NEW album with Eldsken released!

Written: 10/8/2015

Preview or buy the new Eldsken album The hearts journey

Check out the new record store and listen to the music!

Written: 5/31/2015

Bangen Consert at the Swedish radio

Written: 4/6/2015

Gösta Rundqvist celebration consert with Windemo trio feat Rigmor Gustafsson, Joakim Milder

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